And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight…Then he [the Lord!] said unto me, Lo, I have given thee cow’s dung for man’s dung, and thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith. [Ezek. 4:12-15 (KJV)] 

"I think Michael is like litmus paper - he’s always trying to learn." — Elizabeth Taylor, absurd non-sequitir about Michael Jackson 

egrep patterns are full regular expressions; it uses a fast deterministic algorithm that sometimes needs exponential space. — unix manuals 

There you go man, Keep as cool as you can. It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave. Keep on being free! 

Now I lay me down to sleep I hear the sirens in the street All my dreams are made of chrome I have no way to get back home - Tom Waits 

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